Tan Tsi Noodles

Specialising in cuisine from Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan on the southwestern side of the island, Slack Season Tan Tsi Noodles is a fabulous little restaurant that my friend and I visited two days in a row. Given that we were only in Taipei for four days, two meals in the same place indicates just how highly we thought of it. Recommended by my friend’s Japanese guidebook, it was definitely worth two visits, despite the gastronomic choices available in Taipei. The food was extremely cheap but outstanding, the service speedy, and the interior very stylish, with plenty of dark wood.

At the entrance is the open kitchen where the chef prepares the restaurant’s signature dish, thin rice noodles served with special sauce minced pork (which you can also buy in tins to take home with you). The noodles come sprinkled with fresh coriander and garlic on top. I had four bowls of this over two days, plus many other superb dishes. They also serve rice with the same minced pork sauce. I seem to remember the menu only being in Chinese, but pointing at tasty-looking dishes that other diners were tucking into did the trick. Writing about this really brings back the memories!

And if you need more food, just round the corner is Din Tai Fung, famous the world over for its xiao long bao…

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