Cultural awareness for good manners

The word culture means to the form our habit which indicates our day to activities food dressing the way we speak dance act and etc. Without culture nothing can be defined in this world it safe guards us like a great wall does to show the Chinese to the world. Initially when people were identified they were named under cultivation habits, continental basis and divided by race. Every time when we speak about human race its proved that man came from monkey which is a herbivorous by its birth nature, so we need to think how did man started to be like carnivorous style and follow all verities ,this happened because of the cultural development in his food habit. All the other development came in through like this way to human mankind. All over the universe habitual changes created the cultural changes among people.

Becoming aware about our cultural dynamics is a difficult thing these days because it has become a fashion to update ourselves on daily basis so our own past gets buried, but it is like being blind without vision to be dumb about our own past. Considering some of the nations world wide like Japan, china, USA, India and Mexico, Asian Countries like India, china, Japan people always love to greet their friends and relatives to home with Tea and coffee along with snacks while western country people who loves to have a discussion with friends and have tea on the way while walking or driving unlike to have them in bars and restaurants.

Experience, values, cultural back ground shows us the way to do certain things in a perfect way, half lately we need to step out of the window to gather information regarding other cultural diversities followed by other nations it should be done just for the knowledge base and main thing should be like not to follow it. Cultivating habitual events crossing the lines behind the conversational practices depends upon the way we communicate with other people across the continents in the spheres. Being aware of general practices regarding cultural practices always holds the bar between people getting close with each other.

Cultural awareness is the base for communicating with each other and gives us the ability to stand back from us and being aware of our own values, policies and perceptions it is seen in other angel of the world and we need to think why things are done in this way. This becomes the center of the attraction where interaction of different cultures mingle one thing seems to be right in a region which seems to be a wrong thing in another place.
By inducing cultural beneficiaries awareness comes automatically in spite of positive negative factors diversity could be a issue in this case it creates confusion and complex issues making communication harder. In other ways cultural diversity is a boon when organizational expansion happens this can help in growing new skills and habits.

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